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Impact Statement

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Release Date: 1st march 2010
Orders accepted from 9th Feb 2010

Track 1. Impact Statement. 7 Mins 29 secs
part 1 - Poisoned Town
Part 2 - Virtual Cut

Track 2. Bend your Mind. 4 Mins 5 seconds
Finalist Effigy Award MMI-ABC radio 2009
Two Semifinalist positions, UK songwriting comp 2009

Track 3. Stay in the Light. 3 Mins 19 seconds
Five seperate Finalist Effigy Awards, MMI-ABC Radio 2009
-Best general rock song
-Best Songwriting
-Best production
-Best overall song
-Most popular

Two Semifinalist positions, UK songwriters comp 2009

Tracks produced by inner voices/Fran Ashcroft
Mastering: Fran Ashcroft